Adroit in a sentence

Use Adroit in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]clever and skilful, especially in using words;

His adroit salesmanship and acute sense for politics had made this vision a success.

No one was more adroit at using ethics investigations to demonize opponents than Newt.

Adroit French generalship and Russian mistakes allowed the French to escape across the river that day.

He became more adroit in such matters in later campaigns.

They should provide courageous self-confident leadership , be resolved , fair-minded , generous and adroit.

She ‘s an adroit comedian and savvy enough to fit her edgy comedy into a broadcast mold.

Through adroit diplomatic machinations , he became the first governor of the colony.

It was not necessarily that the rich were more adroit at tax avoidance.

His sense for witty situations is as impressive as his adroit handling of the players.

His adroit reply to that was, If it goes without saying, why did you have to say it?