Adoption in a sentence

use Adoption in  a sentence

Sandra had hoped to one day meet the son she gave up for adoption years earlier, but she worried he would hate her.

The young girl became pregnant by mistake and decided to give her baby up for adoption.

The letter “O” is the oldest letter, and has not changed in shape since its adoption in the Phoenician alphabet around 1300 B.C.

Android’s worldwide adoption skyrocketed from 30 percent to 51 percent in 2011, while iOS’s market share increased by 5 percent to around 25 percent.

I love my adoptive parents more than anyone in the world, but I would like to meet my birth parents one day.

The young girl decided to give her newborn baby up for adoption because she knew she couldn’t take care of it herself.

The fact that unmarried women who bear children are now more likely to keep them has resulted in a shortage of adoptable babies.