admonish – admonition in a sentence

use admonish – admonition in a sentence


1. [verb] to warn someone, take to task;

The police admonished him to drive more slowly.

I admonished him of the danger.

She admonished the child to be more careful.

She admonished me that I should consult a doctor.

2. [verb] critisize or to tell someone gently that they are doing something wrong

I was admonished against being late.

I admonished him against smoking for the sake of his health.

The teacher admonished us that we should be silent.

The teacher admonished his pupils for carelessness.

He admonished his son for being lazy.

He admonished them for being noisy.


[noun] a warning

Students whose attendance falls below 80% will receive an admonition letter.

A formal letter of admonition had been sent to the company regarding tax debt.

His friendly admonition was very helpful for them.

I took Craig’s admonition to heart.

I gave him an admonition, to which he paid no attention.