Adapt in a sentence

use Adapt in a sentence

It has taken my family a long time to adapt to the cold of Alaska.

Animals that live in the desert have evolved wonderful systems of adaptation to this severe environment.

People in this generation need to be able to adapt to change quickly because of the dynamic nature of technological change in modern society.

The play was very successful, and was eventually adapted for the screen.

Henrik has been able to survive in this business simply because he is so adaptable; as things change, he changes with them.

Kenneth Branagh’s screen adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays have been incredibly successful.

You can’t plug these headphones into your computer; you’ll need to buy an adaptor.

Culture has been described as the way humans solve problems of adapting to the environment and living together.

This rabbit is well-adapted to the Arctic, with its huge feet which keep it from sinking into the snow.

Someone once noted that happiness comes from the ability to adapt yourself to the situation you find yourself in.