action against in a sentence

The ARA was the armed branch of the PCP that would be responsible in the 1970s for some military action against the dictatorial regime.

The animals were then returned five days later, after learning that legal action against the researcher could not proceed without the monkeys.

The commission recommended improved crowd-control techniques, disciplinary action against certain officers, and a formal apology to protesters.

The leaked songs garnered considerable airplay in dance clubs in Turkey, before Tarkan’s management took legal action against DJ’s playing them.

Donohue also accused those who supported Cook of anti-Catholic bigotry, and sent a letter to the UCF asking them to take legal action against Cook.

He died on December 8, while his case was still on appeal and before the Senate, which had convened on December 4, could take any action against him.

Such Swiss and Landsknecht phalanxes also contained two-handed swordsmen and halberdiers for close action against both infantry and attacking cavalry.

This stressed massed armour, massed and mobile artillery, action against enemy flanks, deep penetration and exploitation, and the ‘indirect’ approach.

A day later, Hayatou says he is considering legal action against the BBC.

Israel says it is still thinking of military action against the Iran pact.

It also promises to take no disciplinary action against protesting students.

It funded scientific research and legal action against public policy.

The DFB said it “reserves the right” to take legal action against Der Spiegel.

Previously, Iran vowed international legal action against its regional rivals.

He also threatened legal action against Univision for nixing the Miss USA deal.

The ruling government, however, didn’t take any strict action against the group.

But across the EU, support is rising for stronger action against would-be migrants.

In principle, the Holy See is responsible in cases of legal action against a bishop.”