Acrophobia in a sentence

Use Acrophobia in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] fear of heights;

He tries to overcome his acrophobia rationally.

Therefore, if you suffer from acrophobia , this floor could be a problem.

Acrophobia , fear of heights, belongs to the group of disorders known as the specific phobias.

Christine and Emily both claimed fear of heights (acrophobia), but Christine easily traversed the bridge.

Scottie chases after her, but his acrophobia prevents him from making it to the top.

The first bridge is a real test for all who suffer from Acrophobia (fear of heights).

Peter asks for time to overcome his acrophobia problem, which he calls a ” conditional reflex “.

While struggling with Judy on the way up, Scottie conquers his acrophobia and, with no vertigo to stop him like before, he makes it to the top.