Acrid in a sentence

use Acrid in a sentence


[adjective] Strong and sharp taste or smell irritating your senses;

The mixture has a strong acrid smell which is difficult to remove from hands and clothes so it is essential to use plastic gloves and care while mixing.

The air still has the acrid smell of melted plastic in it.

A cloud of acrid smoke rapidly fills the cabin.

This stew tastes acrid.

I opened my bedroom door and was confronted by a wall of thick black acrid smoke.

The taste of the leaves is bitter and acrid.

The burning plastic was producing a tremendous volume of black, acrid smoke.

The acrid smell of smoke from coal fires reminded me of my childhood in a Derbyshire mining town in the 40’s.

They taste salt and bitter in his mouth, more bitter than the acrid smoke.

The plant contains an acrid juice, and this has been used in the treatment of cancer.