Acquaintance in a sentence

use Acquaintance in a sentence

I have a number of acquaintances who are working in the high-tech field.

We got acquainted at school, and eventually became good friends.

She’s not really a friend; she’s just an acquaintance.

She heard about the job through her acquaintance with someone working in the office.

He is well acquainted with the history of this country.

Her father is a very important official in the government of her country, and is said to be acquainted with the President himself.

Roman Emperor Claudius once observed that acquaintance lessens fame.

A man once observed that we get closer to God as we get more intimately and understandingly acquainted with the things He has created.

A Chinese proverb tells us that a man should choose a friend who is better than himself. There are plenty of acquaintances in the world, but very few real friends.