Acoustic in a sentence

use Acoustic in a sentence

The acoustics in the new concert hall are wonderful; you can hear every note played by every instrument in the orchestra.

Chris plays the acoustic guitar in the band.

The new concert hall is acoustically far superior to the old one.

The concert wasn’t very good because the acoustics in the gymnasium were terrible.

On their new album, the band has changed from an acoustic folk sound, to a more contemporary electric style.

He has recorded an acoustic album of some of his greatest hits.

The acoustics in the lecture hall were poor and we couldn’t hear what the professor was saying.

The acoustics are so good in the ancient Roman amphitheater that you can hear a coin drop from the farthest row.

In 1965, Bob Dylan revolutionized pop music when his acoustic band went electric at the Newport Music Festival.

The Greek theater at Epidauros is famous for its acoustics, which are based on scientific knowledge of how sound travels.

The visual and acoustic qualities of a DVD home family entertainment system are vastly superior to the traditional television set.