acidophilic in a sentence

The acidic nature of bogs supports acid-loving (acidophilic) vegetation, especially Sphagnum mosses, and contributes to a deficiency in available plant nutrients.

Understanding acidophilic ammonia oxidation is important globally and economically.

acidophilic cells (Councilman bodies) are common.

Remaining acinar cells were small and lacked acidophilic granules.

Methane oxidation by an extremely acidophilic bacterium of the phylum Verrucomicrobia.

The occurrence of acidophilic atypical acinar cell foci after longstanding fundectomy has not previously been reported.

There was a similar difference in the mean diameter of the acidophilic atypical acinar cell foci.

Atypical acinar cell foci were identified histologically and classified as acidophilic or basophilic according to established criteria.

On histology, multifocal necrosis with acidophilic bodiesand mild inflammatory infiltrates are typically found in the liver.

As a result of the increasing acidity, certain acidophilic soil bacteria are then released, which promote further acidification.

In the species-poor oak, beech and pine woods the ground flora mainly consists of acid-soil loving ( acidophilic ) species.

In mineral processing, acidophilic archaea display promise for the extraction of metals from ores, including gold, cobalt and copper.

The volume density and H-thymidine labelling index of the acidophilic atypical acinar cell foci were significantly lower after fundectomy than after PBD.

In contrast, Archaeal Richmond Mine acidophilic Nanoorganisms (ARMAN) occasionally connect with other archaeal cells in acid mine drainage biofilms.

Primarily acidophilic , PAS and Kennard ED, Siebenmann RE, Gur RC, Liebmann J, Gensler AIA National Associates Publishers.