accused in a sentence

He was accused of having lied about the affair.

The accused made up a false story in the court.

The accused was acquitted on two of the charges.

She was accused of having lied about the affair.

The accused was condemned to ten years in prison.

He was accused of being neglectful of his duties.

The accused is to appear before the court on Friday.

The accused murderer is believed to be mentally ill.

Do you think the accused is really guilty of the crime?

She accused her husband of having been disloyal to her.

The jury were asked to allow for the age of the accused.

The presiding judge was touched by pity for the accused.

She was accused of cheating on the test, but she denied it.

The accused spoke equivocally and didn’t want to talk turkey.

They accused the teacher of being too strict with the children.

The referee has been accused of partiality by the visiting team.

The case against the accused is weak, so he’ll probably get off.

A specimen of the accused killer’s blood was taken for analysis.

The accused made his appearance before the judge on Friday morning.

I was falsely accused of cheating on the test by my stupid teacher.

The jury was unanimous on the first vote, the accused was innocent.

A member of the Opposition was accused of lying in Parliament today.

They accused him of being in the classroom in order to cause trouble.

The government has been credibly accused of abusing prisoners of war.