Accumulate in a sentence

use Accumulate in a sentence

Emmanuel was able to accumulate a certain amount of English vocabulary working with a British family in France.

My wife keeps going to garage sales, and has accumulated a lot of worthless junk that she considers to be a real bargain.

Pesticides in our food tend to accumulate in the body over time, and can be quite unhealthy.

Our front hall seems to accumulate tons of dust and dirt from the children coming in and out with their friends and toys.

Henry managed to accumulate some valuable experience working in his father’s company over the summer.

I have accumulated enough air-miles on my card now to fly about 25 miles.

In some ways, a star is like a campfire that is not stirred; the ashes accumulate at the center, and the fuel in the outer parts never gets used.

Tycho Brahe accumulated 20 years of precise measurements of the positions of the Earth, moon and sun.

The accumulation of nuclear weapons in the world has reached a level where we are now able to actually destroy our planet.

There is a Chinese proverb which observes that the rich accumulate money, but the poor accumulate years.