accomplice in a sentence

He was considered an accomplice.

The most likely theory is that he was smuggled out by his accomplices.

Police say an accomplice sold the toner on eBay for millions of dollars.

He plays the dominating provocateur, with Teller his mischievous accomplice.

Four other assailants died while one suspected accomplice remains on the run.

His qualms are overcome when he sees the instigator and the instigator’s accomplice.

Police said they had also arrested a second “terrorist” believed to be an accomplice.

French police earlier told AP they were searching for up to six possible accomplices.

904135 We don’t know why the defendant and his accomplices killed these three men.”””

A search is underway for suspected accomplice, a woman identified as Hayat Boumeddiene.

The Post adds that Martinez had an accomplice for at least two of the thefts: Martinez.

It was not clear if French authorities were searching for any more possible accomplices.

Gao and his accomplices fled to Canada at the end of 2004 before the case came to light.

The information gleaned from here could lead to family members, friends and even accomplices.

The fact that Roof appears to have acted without accomplices will inevitably be taken as solace.

But Chambliss’s reputed accomplices, at least three other white men, escaped punishment entirely.

Mr Putin described the incident as a “stab in the back” committed by “accomplices of terrorists”.

Get out!” screamed the young accomplices of four-year-old Kendra while filming her premature arrest.

The attack was carried out by two gunmen, believed to have been supported by at least two accomplices.

The pair are accused of co-ordinating around a dozen accomplices, mainly at the Louvre and Versailles.