accompanied in a sentence

Economic expansion has accompanied imperial expansion since ancient times.

Administrative paperwork always accompanied mundane daily tasks.

Major illnesses are usually accompanied by physical symptoms.

This brain activity is accompanied by intense craving.

Sometimes retinal tears are accompanied by bleeding.

The cosy dining room serves tasty meals accompanied by fine wines.

All sessions are accompanied by light refreshments.

The singers are accompanied by hand bells.

The rich guilds maintained armies which accompanied trade caravans.

The threat was accompanied by physical violence.

Joint physical custody is almost always accompanied by joint legal custody.

All tours are accompanied by expert guides.

The economic blockade is accompanied by terror tactics.

Church services include singing accompanied by guitar music.

The treasure ships were likely accompanied by support ships.

These were probably accompanied by support ships.

His paces are accompanied by jumps wholly unnatural.

The short distance is accompanied by low electrical resistance.

The threats were accompanied by beatings causing physical pain.

So almost twenty guards accompanied the prisoner.

This tradition has accompanied the race since 1946.

It is usually accompanied by public consultation.

Their battles were often accompanied by storms.

The dress is always accompanied with heavy gold jewellery.

They are often accompanied by black cats.