accommodation in a sentence

Facilities include tented accommodation, communal ablution and communal kitchen without cooking utensils.

Does the price include accommodation?

Whenever we go skiing, we try to go in a group, so we can share expenses such as transportation, accommodation and food.

A popular tourist guide says that you can scrape by on $15 a day if you stay in cheap accommodation while travelling in Benin.

There is a lot of discrimination against immigrants in this country, which sometimes makes it difficult for new arrivals to find a job or accommodation.

“We made accommodation to the Fort Hood shooter to let him grow a beard.

Students born in 2001 and were granted special accommodation to sit in 2015.

We are going to come to an accommodation of some sort, he told BBC television.

Emergency accommodation has been set up in a youth centre and the town’s church.

Hillary, as part of the Obama Administration was an accommodation, a compromise.

Their luck has improved further, with accommodation that caters to Matti’s needs.

And secondly, have not taken the issue of consultation and accommodation seriously.

101116 Because it is so hard, so hard to find accommodation in Vancouver,”” said Evans.”

$2,725 includes all transport, full board accommodation, park fees and guides; naturetrek.

She had not been coping in her accommodation and felt that she had no option but to leave.

Amazingly, the igloo isn’t the most esoteric form of accommodation that Funasfjallen offers.

The Equality Act also would widen the definition of what constitutes a public accommodation.

All displaced residents were provided temporary accommodation in hotels and motels overnight.

The ship has accommodation for 210 beds The ship also has around 30 trainee engineers on board.

In “The Arab of the Future,” his accommodation is nearly as heartbreaking as the killing itself.

As winter approaches, German municipalities are hurriedly looking for accommodation for refugees.

Immigrants will receive in these centers water, food, accommodation, as well as consular services.

But the accommodation shortage is nothing like it was when the state’s oil boom began six years ago.

Algonquin College is offering accommodation to students left homeless by the fire in its residences.