Accommodate in a sentence

use Accommodate in a sentence

The office we are using presently is too small to accommodate all the personnel we need now that business is doing so well.

With people having fewer kids these days, the local school can easily accommodate all the children in the area.

We were able to find cheap accommodation in the heart of Athens, and spent a week there visiting the city.

Students visiting the city through the exchange program are accommodated in homes of local families.

The usual hotels didn’t have enough room to accommodate all the visitors to the city for the Olympic games, so many private homes rented out rooms.

I asked my boss for some time off to help my sick mother, and he was very accommodating. In fact, he told me to take all the time I need.

The $500 fee includes your flight, hotel accommodation and entry to a number of tourist attractions.

The government is building temporary accommodation for people who lost their homes in the earthquake.

Prices for hotel accommodation are greatly reduced during the off-season.

There is a new hotel in town that offers low-priced accommodation for young travelers.

Your left lung is smaller than the right to accommodate the space taken up by your heart.