academia in a sentence

There is an academia for a broad range of views about the nature of reality, certainly to include a loving, conscious universe.”

It’s about time we ask the parents of Arizona what they expect for their children, not academia telling them what they must expect, she said.

When we shut down peaceful channels of communication like those in the media and academia, it will all end with street politics again someday.

The problem continues to resurface outside of academia.

It’s simply a negative proof of the failure of today’s academia.

TopoTarget is involved in collaborations with both academia and industry.

Architecture The campus has the look of Ivy League academia architecture.

This recommendation has not been universally implemented in academia yet.

academia maintains a larger pool of potential students in technical fields.

Bill realised that his true talent lay not with academia, but with carpentry.

For her to overcome the constant criticisms of her work was a battle within academia.

IMI Alumni are also excelling in academia including in Ivy League colleges in the US.

Every distinguished scientist from academia or industry can be become a member of acatech.

They are, however, in contradiction to today’s massive trend of specialization in academia.

Verena is the goddess of justice and learning, and by extension academia and administration.

Peter Brackett, an entrepreneur-turned-Queen’s professor, lured Deshpande away from academia.

MEChA was fundamental in the adoption of Chicano Studies programs and departments in academia.