abysmal in a sentence

My prior efforts at gardening were abysmal .

The service was nothing short of abysmal .

Their passing offense was abysmal , however.

Chicago ‘s defense has been equally abysmal .

His teams were marked by high scoring offenses and abysmal defenses.

Battery life seems greatly improved but it was abysmal previously.

Enrollment dropped to 34 and test scores were abysmal .

It has varied between ordinary and abysmal since then .

No wonder psychiatry’s track record is so abysmal .

Fashion is abysmal and there is still violence!

Its productivity is also abysmal by global standards .

The Government’s housing policy is abysmal .

The study was fine, but the media coverage was abysmal .

My 20 years of experience with IT departments has been abysmal .

More than 25 years later, the status quo remains abysmal .

The quality of life in the later years is often abysmal .

Our intentions were flawless; our skills and execution abysmal .

This educational stagnation is the answer to the abysmal results.

The the the quality of drug company testing is abysmal .