abutment in a sentence

The abutments survive and are substantially built.

The construction was brick arches on masonry abutments and piers.

The road edges fall apart , and bridge abutments fail.

Heavy concrete abutments were constructed for the huge towers.

The current bridge sets on two concrete abutments .

This was a permanent bridge with concrete abutments .

The exact position of the abutments is registered.

An abutment is selected depending on the application.

Figure 6 abutments between tank and upper channel.

I thought abutment had two t’s affidavit.

This reduces food accumulation between the framework and the abutment teeth.

Fixed and rocker bearings were provided alternatively on abutments and piers.

A flight of 27 concrete steps descends by the south abutment .

In each case an abutment is attached to the implant fixture.

Two bridges and their abutments are also being raised.

Work on the abutments and piers proceeded quickly.

The abutments had to be erected on bedrock.

Possible rejection of the implanted abutment can happen.

Only the abutments of these bridges remain.

What did you say about abutment mum?

The single level deck is continuous from abutment to abutment.

The single level deck is continuous from abutment to abutment .

Its abutments were of stone, but its piers were wood.

Given such abutment the construction is a stable and strong one.

These were steel girders on brick abutments , unless specified.

The North abutment and pier No.1 are on raft foundations.

Number of the stone pillars, besides abutments , 18.

The prosthetic compounds, abutments , are already prefabricated.