abuser in a sentence

What treatments are available for marijuana abusers ?

There are large free rally user abusers in care.

Psychiatry is a great tool for abusers .

Many abusers have escaped through this loophole.

This is not general immunity against prosecution for child abusers .

Are all single parents due to divorce child abusers too?

What a disgusting bunch of child abusers .

Several abusers are men additionally the majority of patients ladies.

It provides suggestions for connecting with and holding abusers accountable.

It’s the abused being the abusers .

Often abusers see themselves as the victims.

Sargent said abusers prey on that confusion and contradiction.

On average, domestic abusers are blocked 48 times a day.

Many adult animal abusers also abuse their spouses and children.

This is what bullies and abusers do.

Violent abusers usually direct their blows where they won’t show.

Most abusers are not out of control.

An inventory for the identification of child abusers .

Similar studies need to be done in chronic alcohol abusers .

Gender differences and similarities in African-American crack cocaine abusers .

Also most child abusers are people the child knows .

What my abusers did to me was sick.

An unusually large proportion of these people are alcohol abusers .