Absurd in a sentence

use Absurd in a sentence

The idea that we can prevent war by preparing for war seems absurd to me.

It’s absurd to suggest that tax cuts for the rich will somehow benefit the poor.

Housing prices in this city are getting absurdly high! No one can afford to buy a house anymore.

I think it’s absurd that your boss expected you to work overtime for free.

It is absurd for students to think that they can choose their own level in their second language program.

People expect to pay absurdly low prices for their food, so farmers have a hard time making a reasonable profit.

The student gave an absurd excuse to his instructor for missing his exam, saying that he had to go out to the pub with his buddies to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

The government’s plan to pay farmers not to grow wheat to reduce production and protect prices is simply absurd.

The absurdity of the situation made her burst out laughing.

Oliver Goldsmith once suggested that every absurdity has a champion to defend it.