Abstruse in a sentence

Use Abstruse in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]difficult to understand; conplicated ;

Some critics disliked the abstruse plot and deliberately enigmatic ending.

So occupied with abstruse ideas, that he is incapable of coping with every day activities.

Despite its abstruse name, this is the most important set of negotiations taking place this week.

A plain, clear passage should always be used to make the dark and abstruse ideas clear.

Iconography, often convoluted and abstruse, is a more prominent element in the Mannerist styles.

No financial statement was too intricate for her, and no contract too abstruse.

That geometry mathematicians today consider as unusual, abstruse and not strictly mathematically grounded.

The intentionally abstruse and highly symbolic language of the “Wuzhen pian” is open to diverse interpretations.

There were so many books and periodicals to be read, so many abstruse thoughts to be thought.

The abstruse imagery of his work has produced a large corpus of diverging interpretations.