Abstemious in a sentence

Use Abstemious in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] sensitive about not having too much food, drink, game etc; refraining from indulging;

Such people are abstemious in many other ways, for example they do not drink tea.

The smell of pizza floats on the air, enough to make any abstemious nun’s mouth water.

He worked his way through college, and thanks to an almost fanatically abstemious lifestyle — he occasionally ate nothing but bean soup for days on end .

Despite his abstemious personal habits, he was endlessly generous to his students.

Sergei and Masha came to my room and I opened a bottle of mineral water: we all felt we needed to be abstemious .

I try to be a reasonably abstemious individual.

I’m usually quite abstemious during daylight hours if I have any driving to do.

Is it more natural for Russians to eat plenty or to be abstemious?

it is a lot easier for a congressman to get on television and rail against a chemical company than to preach that Americans should live cleaner, more abstemious lives.