Abrupt in a sentence

use Abrupt in a sentence

His hockey career came to an abrupt end because of knee problems.

Their honeymoon came to an abrupt halt when the bride found her new husband in the arms of another woman.

The Finance Minister’s abrupt departure from the Cabinet was a major topic of discussion in the news today.

My boss was very abrupt when I spoke to him today, so obviously there’s something wrong.

The taxi came to an abrupt stop in front of the train station.

His abruptness in speaking to people really turns a lot of people off.

The woman stopped speaking abruptly and looked up with fear.

The conversation ended abruptly when the children entered the room.

He is always very abrupt when speaking to children and never really listens to them.

The mountain rises abruptly from the seashore.

The bicycle trail comes to an abrupt end at the river.