abrogation in a sentence

His reaffirmation of the land ethic in Luke 4:19 militates against abrogation .

There are numerous statutory abrogations of the right, particularly in the area of bankruptcy.

A presumption of abrogation might furthermore mean that no law would need to be changed.

Other scholars, however, maintain that no abrogation has taken place in the Quran.

Any abrogation of someone else’s rights is a breach of my rights as well.

He found that without a specific abrogation of those rights, the tribe retained those rights.

Upon the abrogation of the Jesuit order in 1773 the territory became the town property.

The abrogation of the rights of victims also fed directly into the right to housing.

It is a partial abrogation .

This contemplates its absolute abrogation .

Mohammed ‘s teaching require abrogation Good evening Lady Allah ~~ Thank you for explaining your position.

It is not an abrogation of legislative prerogative ; it is a pragmatic recognition of legislative default.

There are also abrogations of the right in recent Federal anti-terrorism and Victorian organised crime Acts.

But abrogation of Zhivkov’s assimilation program soon after his fall brought massive protests by ethnic Bulgarians.

Underlying this claim of abrogation is another concern: How can a divine revelation be improved upon?

The abrogation of article 6 was also a key demand of striking miners in the Arctic coalfields.

In familial relations and in the event of abrogation of a marriage, spouses have equal rights.

The United States and Britain considered this an abrogation of agreements made at the Yalta Conference.

Rising Cuban nationalism and widespread criticism led to its abrogation in 1934 by the Ramón Grau administration.

Again, Parliament rejected this on the basis of abrogation of medical confidentiality for no evidence-based purpose.