abroad in a sentence

Any presidential speech abroad has multiple audiences.

It has nine permanent diplomatic missions abroad .

Opposition sources said others named were currently living abroad .

The group is seen more positively abroad .

Iranian nationals residing abroad are holding significant assets.

The school undertakes biennial music tours abroad .

The museum has several exhibition centers abroad .

The stock market collapse has deeply affected investment income earned abroad .

Foreign language acquisition and “summer vacations abroad ” were encouraged.

She has traveled widely and lived abroad .

He has travelled abroad at sensitive times.

Scholarships for undergraduate study abroad are fairly rare.

All the significant book customers were abroad .

The latter two cardinals had considerable experience abroad .

Union membership is declining here and abroad .

I have done many assignments abroad too.

Only urgent necessity should call her abroad .

Swedish higher education institutions are already competing with those abroad .

The others were ordered to join regiments abroad .

Finnish strategy includes to move energy intensive companies abroad .

Increased ability to sponsor relatives living abroad .

The worsening economic and humanitarian situation raised great concern abroad .

The real numbers of health workers abroad are unknown.

Roy evaded arrest since he was abroad .

Some cadets were sent abroad for further study.