Abrasive in a sentence

Use Abrasive in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] rough; coarse; harsh;

The guitar riffs would vary from abrasive to melodic and gorgeously fuzzy.

Lawmaker Hanin Zoabi is known for her feisty and abrasive style in parliament.

A gentle soul who never really coped with the pressures of an abrasive career.

Time, of course, may cool the steaming dislike of Harper’s abrasive brand of politics.

She also adds a little baking soda if she needs something abrasive.

Where he was antagonistic and abrasive in the past he became inclusive and persuasive.

The powder comes from ground-up sedimentary rock and works similarly to the Borax as an abrasive.

Waterjet method only uses water and abrasive, so there is no distortion of the material due to the heat.

The audit recommended doing research to find out which abrasives work the best in each possible scenario.

This abrasive and intrusive parenting has created a feeling of discomfort, and frustration amongst some of my peers.