abrade in a sentence

The discarded lines abrade coral polyps and upper tissue layers.

If, not then the finish is hard enough to abrade .

Mister, I abrade , as an alternative?

Paper clips can abrade or scratch the surfaces of prints or negatives.

If anything, his paintings abrade the false dichotomy between innocence and understanding.

The teeth abrade away against one another, giving them a constantly sharp edge.

Using the scuff pad to abrade surface of the tube and RWC.

Wind-blown sand grains striking any solid object in their path can abrade the surface .

The only way to shape it is to abrade it with even harder substances.

The first cable was allowed to abrade on the laying vessel’s bulwark and broke.

In addition, plaster is much smoother and does not snag clothing or abrade the skin.

Glassware placed such that it is physically touching can abrade and produce a milky surface.

Fine-grained ash can infiltrate openings in cars and abrade most surfaces, especially between moving parts.

The rate at which the teeth migrate forward depends on how quickly the anterior teeth abrade .