above in a sentence

The military base is well camouflaged to keep it from being seen from above.

The pilots of two small planes were both killed after a mid-air collision above the airport.

Penguins have an organ above their eyes that converts seawater to fresh water.

Killer whales have well-developed eyesight both below and above water.

The cat disappeared entirely, except for its grin, which hung in the air above Alice.

Denmark is a flat country where the highest point of land is just 500 feet or so above sea level.

The islands of the Maldives are officially the flattest country in the world, with no island higher than six feet above sea level.

There is an Indian proverb which states that the most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us, and the feeling of duty within us.

In the apartment above us, there is an elderly couple who have been married for over 50 years.

Houses along the river are elevated about five feet above the ground to protect them during the flooding which occurs during the rainy season.