above – below sea level sentence

Nearly half the area of the Netherlands is below sea level.

The Netherlands are the lowest country in the world, and it is estimated that 40 percent of the land is below sea level.

Flooding by the sea poses a great danger to many people living in the Netherlands because much of the country is actually below sea level.

The average land elevation of earth is 2,700 feet above sea level.

Denmark is a flat country where the highest point of land is just 500 feet or so above sea level.

The islands of the Maldives are officially the flattest country in the world, with no island higher than six feet above sea level.
Through millions of years of volcanic eruptions, the land of Iceland gradually appeared above sea level.

At 12,000 feet above sea level, there is barely enough oxygen in La Paz, Bolivia to support combustion, which means that the city is nearly fireproof.

Surrounded by the Hakuba Peaks, the pond is 2,060 meters above sea level.

Wikipedia lists a peak in the same hills as 1,392 metres above sea level.

Houston is a pretty flat city in a subtropical climate just barely above sea level.

Their analysis located two chambers, located 3 to 8 miles below sea level.

Most of the city is already below sea level, protected by an unreliable system of levees