Aboard in a sentence

use Aboard in a sentence

The young boy climbed aboard the boat and sat down.

A passenger aboard a flight to Memphis became very ill, and the plane had to return to the airport.

The woman claims she was taken aboard an alien spacecraft, where she spoke with alien life forms.

The conductor found a young boy hidden aboard the train to Banff.

The Prince invited over 250 people aboard the Royal yacht for his 30th birthday party.

The President left this morning aboard Airforce 1, headed for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A bomb is believed to have been smuggled aboard the plane by one of the passengers.

There are over 2000 sailors presently living aboard the aircraft carrier.

Noah quickly loaded the animals aboard the ark as the flood waters rose.

The flight attendants welcomed us aboard and helped us find our seats.

Welcome aboard flight 203 to Seattle, Washington.