Abhorrent in a sentence

Use Abhorrent in a sentence

Abhorrent ;

Meaning: [adjective] completely unacceptable ;

All this progress has occurred amid restrictions on personal liberties most Western countries would find abhorrent.

Egyptian Coptic Christians killed by ISIS In a televised speech, Sissi called the killings an “abhorrent act of terrorism.”

I don’t know if it will heal, it’s such an abhorrent event in our history.

It is abhorrent to see how wealthy countries’ efforts to keep people out take precedence over their efforts to keep people alive.

It’s a very abhorrent type of crime, Levesque said.

It’s clear that unfortunately there is still a minority who think it is acceptable to behave in such an abhorrent manner, Superintendent Gill Murray said.

Republican Rep. Ed Royce called Myanmar’s treatment of stateless Rohingyas “abhorrent.”

The behaviour of these five individuals was abhorrent, against all of the club’s values and falls way below the standards the club expects of supporters attending our games, said a Chelsea statement.

The MoD said: “Rape and sexual assault are abhorrent crimes which have no place in the armed forces.

The question we need to ask ourselves, in a free, open society as we defend our values against the abhorrent attacks we saw in Paris, is where do you draw the line?