Abhor in a sentence

Use Abhor in a sentence

Abhor ;

Meaning: [verb ] to hate ;

Freedom of speech means having to put up with the expression of ideas you abhor, freedom of religion means tolerating not only your One True Faith but someone else’s heathen superstition.

Millions of South Africans condemn these atrocious killings and abhor xenophobia and all related intolerances.

He said”Islam rejects and abhors terrorism, because it is a religion of moderation and tolerance,”

Kashua told me that he abhorred “any sign of nationalism” in a cultural context, and so his piece “made fun of the whole thing.”

There was a Jewish marketing consultant in Brooklyn who abhorred Westboro’s tactics but supported the church’s right to express its views.

While abhorring acts of violence, some Muslims felt deeply disturbed by the magazine’s continuing contempt of a religious figure that was the foundation of their faith.