Abduct in a sentence

use Abduct in a sentence

A father who was angry after losing custody of his children following his divorce has abducted the two children, and fled the country.

A rich businessman was abducted at gunpoint by four masked men who are asking for one million dollars for his safe return.

The abduction of British diplomat James Cross by Quebec separatists was one of the most important events in modern Canadian history.

Hospital officials have increased security around the nursery following reports of a woman who was trying to abduct a baby.

According to a newspaper article I read, most child abductions that occur are committed by a divorced parent.

In my country, abductions of the rich are a common occurrence. Usually, the people are released unharmed after a ransom is paid.

A number of tourists appear to have been abducted by a terrorist group opposed to foreign visitors to the country.

The woman claimed to have been abducted by aliens who took her to their planet and performed scientific experiments on her.

Reports of alien abductions have increased substantially since the UFO was sighted.