abandoned mine in a sentence

Use abandoned mine in a sentence

They shelter in an abandoned mine while a fire passes.

Geological risks arise from abandoned mines in the Schielenbach.

The copper industry left many abandoned mines and buildings across the Copper Country.

An attempt was made to reopen it but the mine was then abandoned .

The royalties and reclamation taxes would be used to reclaim abandoned hardrock mines .

Water that seeps out of abandoned subsurface mines can also be highly acidic.

The police shoot Michael until he falls down the abandoned mine and is presumed dead.

Local miners may use abandoned mines for shelter and intentionally set such fires for heat.

Long abandoned mines can be a highly intractable source of high concentrations of Iron.

Water rising through abandoned mines could pollute rivers, kill wildlife and contaminate drinking water.

The abandoned mines behind the berm have been flooded and are now a bird sanctuary.

Native peoples are concerned about the effects of abandoned uranium mines on or near their lands.

Traces of an abandoned iron mine dating from the 1860s are visible north of Cloghleagh Bridge.