abandon ship in a sentence

Use abandon ship in a sentence

abandon ship;
1 More expedition members abandoned ship on arrival.

2 The crew is eventually forced to abandon ship .

3 The 28 men aboard were forced to abandon ship .

4 The crews then began to abandon ship .

5 The ship was abandoned and scrapped in 1931.

6 The ship was abandoned for the night.

7 The crew abandoned ship and was rescued by nearby vessels.

8 She catches fire and her crew abandons ship .

9 The crew might even pretend to ” abandon ship “.

10 The crew abandoned ship – the U-boat sank.

11 The crew abandoned ship in three lifeboats within 15 minutes.

12 Ten pirates were killed and the rest abandoned ship and escaped.

13 The ship was abandoned , but later boarded and salvaged.

14 One day later, the ship was abandoned .

15 Robinson discovers an abandoned ship and pirate’s treasure hoard.