abandon post in a sentence

Use abandon post in a sentence

However, the post was soon abandoned.

After four years two of the missionaries abandoned their post , sick and dissolutioned.

The post was abandoned in 1768, reoccupied briefly in 1770, then permanently abandoned.

The British commander at Detroit abandoned his post and retreated eastward.

The western militia posts were abandoned .

When Juchereau died, the post was abandoned .

I have started and abandoned several posts over the past few weeks.

Oels rushed throughout the ship, ordering men to abandon their posts .

Many more Han Chinese abandoned their posts and joined the Manchus.

Commander Grigoriev abandoned his post and escaped to Žiežmariai.

The post was abandoned in 1803 when the North West Company moved north.

In 1623 Warner abandoned his Guiana post and sailed north through the archipelago.

It warned members of the security forces to abandon their posts to avoid attack.