abandon lover in a sentence

Use “abandon lover” in a sentence

abandon + lover
1 Adelina left her dissipated husband for a lover who abandoned her with a child.

2 Her desire for power began at the age of eighteen when her lover abandoned her.

3 When her new lover abandoned her, Mrs Erlynne was left alone and in disrepute.

4 Eliza travels from Chile to America as a stowaway to find her lover who has abandoned her and her unborn child.

5 II Ciriffo Calvaneo, and his companion II Povero Avveduto, the heroes of the poem, are the illicit offspring of two unfortunate ladies, who, being abandoned by their lovers , are indebted to the shepherd Lecore for their preservation.

6 E (below middle C) to D flat (above middle C) FANTINE Fantine is the beautiful young girl who, abandoned by her lover , is left to fend for herself and her daughter Cosette.

7 Old Mother Jacobsen had once told her how Møn – ‘The Maid’ – had been languishing in the frozen Arctic Circle, abandoned by her sun-craving lover , when her cries of anguish had been heard by two giants.

8 On one side their stands a string of destitute young biotechnology firms, abandoned by their previous lovers on Wall Street just as their spiffing new products are about to enter the costliest phase of clinical trials.

9 With Oz’s poetic style, the chapter ends with a gentle breeze blowing, “just enough to cool a cup of tea.” A solitary figure abandoned by her lover , Osnat listens to “light music” on the radio and reads a book before going to bed.

11 She struggles with being constantly abandoned by her lover , who is off “revolutionizing the country”, and she describes her efforts to raise a family on her own despite hardships such as famine, disease, and poverty.