abandon inhabitant in a sentence

Use “abandon  inhabitant” in a sentence

abandon + inhabitant
1 Previous to this the towns the Battalion had liberated had been abandoned by the inhabitants .

2 This suggests that the original inhabitants abandoned the city they had occupied for almost two millennia.

3 By the fifteenth century, a large part of the region had become abandoned by its former inhabitants .

4 As a result of this destruction, the site was abandoned by its inhabitants and fell into disuse.

5 Not much is known about Cuzcatlán, as it was abandoned by its inhabitants in an effort to avoid Spanish rule.

6 Many Turks from Anatolia began to settle in the region abandoned by the inhabitants who had fled Thrace before the Ottoman invasion.

7 The Japanese requisitioned several houses abandoned by their inhabitants after the landing, as well as all vehicles owned by the natives.

8 The district of the village of Old Perithia has been abandoned by its inhabitants for many years and so the feel that each visitor has when is looking at the houses, which is built from stone, is magical.

9 A LOT of those suburbs were all the rage when they were built and have been subsequently abandoned by the original inhabitants because they’re old, ugly and offer nothing in terms of a downtown or anything else of interest except small 50-year-old house after small 50-year-old house.

10 From the port city of Cavite, large numbers of inhabitants have abandoned their houses, to go to the neighboring village of San Roque, in view of the security offered by houses of light construction.

11 The rural exodus of the 19th and 20th centuries has had a significant impact on the population of towns: some were completely or almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants which led to the disappearance of fifty communes since the creation of the department.