abandon idea in a sentence

Use abandon  idea in a sentence

abandon  idea ;

Later on, Barrett changed his mind and abandoned the idea .

The original proposal featured centre loading islands, but this idea was abandoned .

The Liberal problem is not that they have abandoned their ideas .

With that rejection we imagined we had abandoned the that idea entirely.

Most dramatically, he completely abandoned the idea of a hierarchical universe.

I hope they don’t abandon the action-adventure idea .

He clutched his pen tight and abandoned the idea of running away.

But he abandoned this idea because, as he wrote:.

Dismayed at their failure, they abandoned the idea of suicide.

Why have you abandoned the idea ?

Beauchamp abandoned the idea of killing Sharp honorably in a duel.

This idea was abandoned when Eccleston’s departure was revealed earlier than planned.

It was as good as settled that she would abandon the idea .