abandon effort in a sentence

Use abandon effort in a sentence

The wells did not show promising results, so the effort was abandoned .

The effort was abandoned May 12, 2009 due to lack of progress.

After an all-day fight, the rebels abandoned their effort and withdrew.

This engineering effort was abandoned in 1985.

By the early 1960s most magnetic amplifier efforts were abandoned .

The efforts were later abandoned and the war continued.

I shall not abandon the effort to persuade you otherwise.

The national government has since abandoned efforts to impose a homogeneous Chinese culture.

But these efforts were finally abandoned around 1680, when funds were exhausted.

After the Qin Dynasty collapsed in 206 BC, these efforts were abandoned .

Subsequently, with no sign of the aircraft, further search efforts were abandoned .

The ones who managed to survive, abandoned their efforts to assimilate with mankind.