Aaron copland in a sentence

The play’s music was composed by Aaron Copland .

Parker and composer Aaron Copland were also impressed.

The musical score was by American composer Aaron Copland .

Stravinsky’s rhythm and vitality greatly influenced the composer Aaron Copland .

The music, by Aaron Copland , really sweeps you along.

The repertoire features American composers Aaron Copland and Charles Ives.

Bernstein was a leading advocate of American composers, particularly Aaron Copland .

Aaron Copland (1900–1990) conducted the Orchestra in 1966.

Goldfarb was instrumental in assisting Aaron Copland in his early musical career.

Perhaps deliberately; the music is Aaron Copland‘s Piano Quartet.

Aaron Copland solidified a style unique to American films at that time.

Composer and honorary Sinfonian Aaron Copland visited Lyrecrest in 1970.

Among the students attending the first year at Fontainebleau was Aaron Copland .

Some of the work of Aaron Copland clearly draws on American folk music.

The concert will conclude with the ever popular Lincoln Portrait by Aaron Copland .

Copeland’s openness about his sexuality allegedly led to problems for composer Aaron Copland .

The development of this harmonic technique in turn influenced the music of Aaron Copland .

Video – Aaron Copland – Connotations (20:11).

Aaron Copland and George Gershwin developed a new synthesis of popular and classical music.

Video – Aaron Copland – Piano Variations (11:38).

Connotations is a classical music composition for symphony orchestra written by American composer Aaron Copland .

There were special tributes to two American composers, Charles Ives and Aaron Copland .