endlessly in a sentence

He is very clever and endlessly resourceful.

But more important, and certainly more divisive, than such occasions was the endlessly controversial and emotionally potent question of precedence.

How very gratifying … King: And endlessly contrast yourself and me.

She was endlessly kind and sympathetic.

The sultry noon seemed endlessly long .

In fact, use a network to derogate, bespatter competitor, had emerged in endlessly.

and pulls his hood tight against the ceaseless rain.

(30) The bilk activity that uses Internet to undertake emerges in endlessly, pattern face – lifting is ceaseless.

Nothing is more completely accepted in the conventional wisdom than the cliche that economic life is endlessly and inherently uncertain.

But she had dreamed of it endlessly in those days when she had adored him.

30. Could he end up as the musical equivalent of Jerry Lewis, adored abroad, bu
As the waves lap in think I detect a note of weariness in the endlessly repeated motion.

She peered over the edge of the bedstead and saw a cliff of bedcover stretching endlessly to the stone floor.

The electric advertising board has three-sided vertical panels, endlessly rotating to show repeating ads.

He found it addictive, stimulating, endlessly absorbing, and he allowed nothing-certainly no personal involvements – to distract him.

30. Aunt Margaret glanced roun
But the heat and the endlessly pestering fleas and bedbugs dragged them, again and again, back to consciousness.

And Ariadne herself personifies the passively courageous, endlessly resourceful, and lovingly restorative element in every psyche.

She bragged endlessly about her high score.

In fact, use a network to derogate, bespatter competitor, had emerged in endlessly.

Some couples, highly intelligent and normally with a good command over words, manage to keep themselves endlessly but unknowingly confused.